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Earn money from video blog is an idea that is attracting more and more webmasters. I mean, bloggers who create videos using free sources like YouTube or Dailymotion.

A simple blog that ranks the videos "online video humor other websites can guarantee you a residual income using contextual advertising programs like Google Adsense.

That is why I like video blogs :

* Simple, easy to create and maintain: Nothing easier than copying a code from another site like YouTube and paste it on your blog. Update your blog does not take long.
* The videos are a viral communication tool. They are easy to promote through social networking sites like Digg.

* The video blogs are very exciting. Leave a positive impact with your visitors, causing them to become faithful readers to your blog.

Now, here is the system to follow if you want to earn money by video blogging:

1. Subscribe to Google AdSense. This is the first step you should do if you do not have an AdSense publisher.

2. Choose a domain name. It should be short and easy to remember.

3. Install a Wordpress blog on your domain. The Wordpress platform is recommended to manage your videos (or content) online.

4. Install plugin. These plugins help you download videos to your new blog.

5. Submit your RSS feed to specialized directories, and add an icon in your blog to encourage visitors to subscribe to your video notes.

6. Choose a theme for Wordpress and add the logo inside.

7.Optimise the Search engines. I suggest you use SEO plugins (which are free in most cases). A useful addition is the "SEO Title Tag."

8. Installing AdSense ads to maximize your cost per click. The easiest way is to use the already optimized Wordpress Themes to maximize your AdSense revenue.

9. The source of your videos, you can return to the existing videos or upload your own by including your logo and address on it.

10. Promote your blog on social networks (MySpace, Capazoo, Skyrock ,...) or the like Digg (Scopeeo, Blugger, Fuzz, Blogmemes ,...)

11. Get links pointing to your blog video. I recommend RSS directories, directories of blogs and discussion forums to get started.

The implementation of this strategy can be overcome more than 1,000 visitors per day to your blog. With AdSense better location, it would be easy to achieve 1000 d0llar months and may be more.


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